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Size charts

Sizes skateboards

How to choose your equipment skate?

To compose a complete skateboard, you need to buy the following essential parts: board, trucks, screws, wheels and bearings.

If all these elements are present in your order, we assemble skateboard for free before delivery. If you prefer to do the editing yourself, you must leave us a message in the "comment" during the ordering process.

Skateboard equipment

1/ Choose its skateboard

  • Sizes decks on our site are written in inches (1 inch = 1" = 2.54 cm) and correspond to the deck width.
  • Most boards are made ​​of maple wood from Canada. There are also boards made ​​of bamboo or carbon fiber aillant aims to strengthen the impact zones.
  • With practice, the choice of the board becomes a personal criterion. Below, the shoes/deck size chart :

7.5” decks: less than 5US
7.75” decks: between 5.5US and 7.5US
8” decks: between 8US and 10US
8.1” decks: between 9US and 10.5US
8.25” decks: between 10US and 11.5US
8.375” decks: between 10.5US and 12US
8.5” decks: more than 11.5US

=> ces correspondances sont approximatives car intervient aussi les goûts personnels. Certains skateurs ont leur propre feeling et préfèrent sortir de ces recommandations en choisissant plus ou moins large.

2/ Choose its trucks (view the chart below)

  • The width of the trucks must be equal to the width of the deck.
  • The height of a truck is chosen according to the diameter of the wheels. Trucks Low: wheels up to 52mm. Trucks High: 54mm wheels up. Beyond 54mm, adding Pads is required to prevent the wheels touch the board.

The size of the trucks is chosen according to the width of board.
Deck width7.5"7.6"7.75"7.9"8"8.125"8.25"8.375"8.485"8.5"
Truck width129 mm129 mm129 - 139 mm139 mm139 mm139 mm144 mm149 mm149 mm149 mm
Independent ®129129129 - 139139139139144149149149
Thunder ®145145145 - 147147147147148149149149
Venture ®5.0”5.0”5.0 - 5.2”5.25”5.25”5.25”5.25”5.8”5.8”5.8”
Royal ®5.0”5.0”5.0 - 5.25”5.25”5.25”5.25”5.25”5.5”5.5”5.5”
Silver ®7.75”7.75”7.75” - 8.0”8.0”8.0”8.0”8.0”---------

3/ Choose its wheels

  • Diameter : The choice of diameter is a function of its own skateboarding. Mainly, the wheels of small diameter (49mm, 50mm, 51mm and 52mm) allow a better precision street at technical figures. The wheels of large diameter (53mm, 54mm, 55mm, 56mm, ...) suitable for practitioners curves (ramps and bowls) and cameramen skate because they allow a better stability and speed maintenance.
  • Hardness : More skate wheel is hard, it will wear out less quickly. A hard wheel provides less comfort due to vibration but it can go faster. Conversely, more than one wheel skate mole is, the faster it will wear out. Mol wheel provides greater comfort but reduces speed skate because it adheres more to the ground. Our opinion: For practical skatepark and street spots, we recommend hard wheels. For the practice of ramps, bowls and rough floors we recommend wheels moles. Technical Details for wheel hardness :
    • 87 A : Good for rough surfaces, longboards or soils that need lots of grip.
    • 95 A : Slightly harder and faster with a proper Adhesion on slippery surfaces.
    • 99 A : Good speed and grip. Versatile: street, ramp skatepark. We recommend it for beginners.
    • 101 A : The harder, faster and more slippery. Ideal for hanging slider without the curb.

4/ Choose its bearings

  • Bearings are placed inside the wheels. Wheel requires two bearings (bearings or 8 in total).
  • The choice of bearing depends on your need for speed and strength.
  • There are 3 main standards bearings: ABEC 3, ABEC 5 and ABEC 7. The higher the number, the higher the skate will go. However, the turnover will be more fragile with a high figure. Conversely, a small number will have a higher resistance but the skateboarder reaches maximum speeds lower.
  • For practice and skatepark street, we recommend bearings ABEC 3 or ABEC 5 because shocks are more important. For a hands-on ramps, bowls or tracks speed, we recommend bearings ABEC 7 to enjoy the speed.

5/ Choose its pads

Riser Pads (rubber area placed between the trucks and board) are not used to cushioning.
Skate pads serve only to raise the height of the board to avoid friction with the wheels of large diameter (53 mm or more). The choice to ride with or without pad is purely personal. The purchase of pads is optional.

Riser pad size chart
0.10” for wheels between 53mm and 55mm
0.25” for wheels between 55mm and 60mm
0.50” for wheels more than 60mm

6/ Choose its screws

  • The size of the screws are selected according to the presence or not of pads :
  • Without pads : select 7/8" screws (7/8" = 0.875 inch = 2.2 cm)
  • For 0.10” riser pads : select 1" to 1 1/8" screws (= 1 to 1.125 inches)
  • For 0.25” riser pads : select 1 1/4" screws (= 1.25 inches)
  • For 0.50” riser pads : select 1 1/2" screws (= 1.5 inches)

7/ Choose its griptape

  • To purchase a board or full board, we offer you the grip Jessup Griptape ® and placement.
  • Jessup Griptape ® : Normal grip. Grip having the longest lifetime.
  • MOB Griptape ® : Superior adhesion. Warning: efficiency figures leads to accelerated wear shoes.

Sizes shoes

How to choose size of shoes?

To find your size, measure the exact length of your strong foot and add 0.5 cm to this measure to get the length of inner size presented in the tables below. Note: DVS, LAKAI and SUPRA carve smaller, so add 1 cm instead of 0.5 cm to measure your foot to get the length of the shoe for you for these brands.

Our skateshop online all shoe sizes are presented in European size. You will find below the matching sizes European sizes with US size chart.:

Sizes shoes MEN
Sizes EU3838.53939.54040.54141.54242.54343.54444.54545.54646.547
Inner size (cm)2424.52525.225.52626.226.52727.52828.228.52929.53030.230.531
DC Shoes, Vans, Globe, Element, HUF66.57 7.588.5 99.510 10.51111.5 12 13
Etnies, éS, Emerica66.57 7.5 88.599.510 10.5 11 12 13
DVS, Lakai5.566.5 7 8 8.599.5 1010.511 11.5 12
Supra5.566.5 77.58 8.599.5 1010.51111.512 13

Sizes shoes KIDS
Sizes EU323333.53434.53535.53636.53737.53838.539
Inner size (cm)202121.52222.52323.52424.525 25.2 25.5
DC Shoes122.533.544.555.56 6.5 7
Etnies, Emerica 1.5 2 3 44.5 55.56 
DVS, Lakai12   3 4 5  6 
Vans1.52.5 33.54 4.555.5 6 7
Supra1 2 3  44.5 55.56 

NOTES IMPORTANTES à l’intention des clients ADIDAS :

On all Adidas shoes, we have standardized EU sizes called “Third” (forms: NN 1/3 and NN 2/3) in the table below in order to improve research in our Shoes section when customers use “Filter by size”.
For example, if you put on the 41 EU usually, of course you decide to display only the models available in your size by selecting “41 EU” on the filter by size. But the 41 EU does not exist in Adidas size chart, in this case the system you have proposed all brands except Adidas!
To solve this problem, considering that generally Adidas carves smaller, it seemed logical to convert 41 1/3 Adidas EU to 41 Standard EU. So, if you order a pair of 41 EU, we will ship a box marked 41 1/3 EU.

ADIDAS Size chart - Standardization of "Third" EU Sizes (fluorinated change in red)
Our normalized EU selector
(what you order)
“If I order this...”
Europa Adidas
(will there be marked on the box)
“... I will receive this size”
Your foot length
(from heel to toe)
UKUS - MenUS - Women
363622.1 cm3.545
36.536 2/322.5 cm44.55.5
3737 1/322.9 cm4.556
383823.3 cm55.56.5
38.538 2/323.8 cm5.567
3939 1/324.2 cm66.57.5
404024.6 cm6.578
40.540 2/325 cm77.58.5
4141 1/325.5 cm7.589
424225.9 cm88.59.5
42.542 2/326.3 cm8.5910
4343 1/326.7 cm99.510.5
444427.1 cm9.51011
44.544 2/327.6 cm1010.511.5
4545 1/328 cm10.51112
464628.4 cm1111.512.5
46.546 2/328.8 cm11.51213
4747 1/329.3 cm1212.513.5
484829.7 cm12.51314
48.548 2/330.1 cm1313.514.5
4949 1/330.5 cm13.51415
505031 cm1414.515.5

Odd sizes and half sizes do not exist in ADIDAS:

For more information about Adidas “Third” EU sizes, notice that at Adidas, all sizes with odd number does not exist. The odd numbered sizes are always followed by the famous "1/3" (eg 37 1/3 or 43 1/3). Also, half sizes do not exist in Adidas, for against the brand with the three stripes offers the "2/3" (eg 36 2/3 or 42 2/3) .

To summarize, you’ll understand that our standardization has minimal impact on your purchase:

  • Type Sizes "1/3" are rounded down odd number (eg 41 1/3 becomes 41).
  • Type Sizes "2/3" are rounded to half size (eg 42 2/3 becomes 42.5).

Sizes caps, beanies and helmets

How to choose size caps, beanies and helmets?

To find out what your hat size or your cup size, just know your headband.

  • To accurately measure your head circumference, using a meter tape and wrap horizontally around your head so as to have as little play as possible. Add 1 cm to this measurement to obtain the ideal size for your cap or your hat.
  • Then, find the matching size in the chart below to choose your cap or your hat. For caps of New Era brand, refer to the second table :

Caps, beanies and helmets
Headband (in cm)Headband (in inches)Fitted sizesFlexfit sizesStandard USA
54211/463/4S / MS
57223/871/8L / XL

New Era caps ®
Fitted sizes67/8771/871/473/871/275/873/477/88
UnifitS / M       
Unifit  M / L  
Unifit      L / XL
AdjustableAdjustable size

Sizes tee-shirts, sweaters and jackets

How to choose your size T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets?

To choose the size of T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets, it suffices to know your chest.

  • To measure your chest, take a meter tape and wrap it around your chest and stay as horizontal as possible. The tape should not be too tight nor too loose.
  • Then see your position in the tables below to find your size T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets :

T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies
Sizes USBust (in cm)Bust (in inches)
XS (extra small)76-7930-32
S (small)80-8834-36
M (medium)89-9738-40
L (large)98-10642-44
XL (extra large)107-11546-48
XXL (double extra large)116-12448-52

Sizes USBust (in cm)Bust (in inches)
S (small)86-9234-36
M (medium)96-10138-40
L (large)106-11242-44
XL (extra large)117-12346-48
XXL (double extra large)123-13248-52

Sizes woven shirts

How to choose your size of woven shirt?

To chooses you woven shirt, you need to know neck (neckband).

  • To do this, take a meter tape and wrap it around your neck. The tape should be held horizontally, taking care not to too tight nor too relax him.
  • Then refer to the chart below to choose your ideal shirt size.

Sizes of woven shirts and necklines
Neckline (in cm)3637383940414243444546
Sizes USXS (extra small)S (small)M (medium)L (large)XL (extra large)

Sizes pants, jeans, shorts, boardshorts and underwears

How to choose the size of your pants, jeans, shorts, board shorts or underwear?

To choose the size of your pants or your shorts, it suffices to know your waist circumference.

  • To measure your waist, take a meter tape and wrap it around your abdomen, breathing normally. Check that the tape is too tight nor too loose and hold the horizontal.
  • Finally, find the equivalence of your measurement in the table below :

Sizes of pants and shorts
Size US26283031323334363840
Size FR34363839404244464850

Underwears men Pull-in ®
 Size FRSize USSize UKSize (cm)Weight (kg)
XXXS10-12 years10-12 years10-12 years140-14732-40
XXS12-14 years12-14 years12-14 years147-15738-49

Sizes belts

How to choose your belt size?

To choose your belt size, simply find your waist circumference.
Waist circumference in order to match the length of the belt loop at center hole.

Waist in inchesWaist in cmMixed size : S/M, L/XLSize US : S, M, L

Sizes gloves

How to choose the size of the gloves?

Your choice depends on your gloves knack.

  • To measure the knack, take a meter tape and wrap it around your wrist without the thumb. It is necessary not to tighten the ribbon meter during measurement.
  • Finally, see your position in the table below and choose the larger size if your measurement is between two standard sizes.

Gloves and mittens
Knack (in cm)17.5192021.5232425.527
Sizes FR6.577.588.599.510
Sizes InternationalXS (extra small)S (small)M (medium)L (large)

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