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New Balance Numeric Online-Shop


NEW BALANCE NUMERIC Tiago Lemos 1010 White / Black skate sneakers

Price €109.00

NEW BALANCE NUMERIC 574 Vulc Grey / White skate sneakers shoes

Price €95.00

NEW BALANCE NUMERIC 574 Vulc Navy / White skate sneakers shoes

Price €95.00

NEW BALANCE NUMERIC 440 V2 Sea Salt / Vintage Indigo Skate shoes

Price €85.00

NEW BALANCE NUMERIC Jamie Foy 306 Sea Salt / Black skate sneakers

Price €89.00

NEW BALANCE NUMERIC Jamie Foy 306 Dark Camo / New Spruce skate shoes

Price €89.00

New Balance Numeric skate shoes

New Balance's skate shoe range offers an assortment of sneakers designed specifically for professional skateboarders, meeting the sport's rigorous standards. Since 2013, New Balance Numeric has revolutionized the world of skateboarding by launching its own skate shoes, capitalizing on the American brand's decades of expertise in manufacturing quality shoes. Founded over a century ago in Boston, New Balance has an unrivaled reputation for craftsmanship and manufacturing quality.

New Balance Numeric skate shoes embody this tradition of excellence, combining innovation and design. With a diverse range of models, such as the tennis shoe-inspired 440, the 306 Jamie Foy Pro Model, the 508 Brandon Westgate Pro Model, or the 1010 Tiago Lemos, every skater can find the shoe that suits them. Recognizable by their distinctive N or Hexagon logo, New Balance Numeric skate sneakers are also distinguished by their manufacturing quality and advanced technologies.

NB Numeric sneakers designed for skateboarding

The NB Numeric men's skate shoe collection features models worn by skateboarding legends such as Andrew Reynolds, Brandon Westgate and Tom Knox, with some even having their own signature shoe. For example, the NB Numeric Tiago Lemos 1010 and Jamie Foy 306 have been specially designed to meet the requirements of these skilled skateboarders, integrating technologies adapted to skateboarding. The Tiago Lemos 1010, for example, offers a dual-density FuelCell midsole for dynamic cushioning, a FantomFit upper and anatomical heel pads for optimal support, making it one of the best performing skateboard shoe choices on the current market.

New Balance Numeric Skate Team

The New Balance Numeric skate team is made up of an impressive selection of world-renowned professional skateboarders, each bringing their own style and expertise to the brand. This team includes iconic figures from the skate scene, as well as emerging talents who are constantly pushing the boundaries of the sport.

Some of the most notable members of New Balance SB include skateboarders such as Brandon Westgate, Frankie Villani, Tom Knox, Tyler Surrey, Jamie Foy, Jordan Taylor, Marquise Henry, Jake Hayes, Tiago Lemos, Sammaria Brevard, Charlie Birch and many more. others still. Each team member is chosen for their creativity, their commitment to skateboarding, and their ability to inspire and push the boundaries of the sport.

New Balance Skateboarding actively supports its skateboarders by providing them with the resources necessary to realize their projects, whether through the creation of skate videos, participation in competitions or events, or the development of new shoes and products. This collaboration between the brand and its skaters helps strengthen the authenticity and credibility of New Balance Numeric in the skate community, while providing skaters with valuable support to continue to progress in their practice.

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