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Thunder Trucks Online-Shop

THUNDER Trucks “Onyx Team...

THUNDER Trucks “Onyx Team Edition” mate black/white 148 MID 5.375 inches

Price €40.00
THUNDER Trucks “Light”...

THUNDER Trucks “Light” polished raw 145 LO 129mm, 147 MID 139mm, 149 HI 149mm, 151 HI 159mm

Price €40.00
THUNDER Trucks “Hollow...

THUNDER Trucks “Hollow Lights” polished raw 145 LO 129mm, 147 MID 139mm, 149 HI 149mm, 151 HI 159mm

Price €48.00
THUNDER Trucks polished raw...

THUNDER Trucks polished raw 145 LO 129mm, 147 MID 139mm, 148 MID 144mm, 149 HI 149mm

Price €34.00
THUNDER Allen Bolts...

THUNDER Allen Bolts metallic green standard 1 inch

Price €5.00
THUNDER Short allen bolts...

THUNDER Short allen bolts hardware 7/8 inches

Price €5.00

Brand of trucks Thunder

Thunder is a brand of trucks founded in 1986. Thunder Trucks belongs to the company Deluxe ditribution. In 2000, Thunder Trucks distinguishes itself from its competitors by releasing a pro untold numbers of different models. The Thunder trucks are lightweight and look great with their tender gums. Because Thunder Trucks are very low, they are ideally suited to the practice of street skateboarding. In 2009, the brand Trucks Thunder Hollow Kingpin out technology. This technique involves digging axis without losing strength. Thus, Thunder Trucks is even lighter than it already was.

skateboard team Thunder Trucks

Anthony Schultz, Anthony Shetler, Antwuan Dixon, Billy Marks, Bryan Herman, Chima Ferguson, Chris Cole, Chris Pfanner, Collin Provost, Damian Bravo, Dan Pensyl, David Clark, David Loy, David Reyes, Dennis Busenitz, Dennis Durrant, Dylan Rieder, Ed Templeton, Elissa Steamer, Eric Fletcher, Erik Ellington, Ernie Torres, Frank Gerwer, Gabriel De La Mora, Jt Aultz, James Brockman, James Hardy, Jamie Thomas, John Rattray, Johnny Layton, Josh Harmony, Julian Davidson, Justin Brock, Keith Hufnagel, Kyle Walker, Lennie Burmeister, Leo Romero, Lewis Marnell, Manny Santiago, Marc Johnson, Mark Appleyard, Massimo Cavedoni, Matt Allen, Nick Dompierre, Nick Jensen, Nick Trapasso, Pete Eldridge, Peter Ramondetta, Peter Watkins, Robbie Brockel, Rodrigo Petersen, Ryan Decenzo, Ryan Holloway, Sean Eaton, Sean Malto, Zack Lyons, Luke Croker, Alex Perelson, Jimmy Mc donald, Chewy Cannon, Sebastiaan Vijverberg, Colin Kennedy, Neil Smith, Jerome Campbell and Rob Maatman.