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Independent Trucks Online-Shop

INDEPENDENT socks “Truck...

INDEPENDENT socks “Truck Co.” 2 pairs pack black - white

Price €20.00
INDEPENDENT T-shirt “Big...

INDEPENDENT T-shirt “Big Truck Co” black - white

Price €32.00

INDEPENDENT Tee-shirt “CBB Cross Spade” black - off white - maroon

Price €32.00
INDEPENDENT Tee-shirt...

INDEPENDENT Tee-shirt “Split Cross” black - yellow gold

Price €32.00
INDEPENDENT "Custom Top...

INDEPENDENT "Custom Top Split Cross" 3/4 baseball top tee maroon/white

Price €39.00
INDEPENDENT “Cap Vintage...

INDEPENDENT “Cap Vintage B/C Snapback” mineral wash black

Price €29.00
INDEPENDENT bushings whith...

INDEPENDENT bushings whith barrels & cone washers for skateboard trucks

Price €9.00
INDEPENDENT Skateboard...

INDEPENDENT Skateboard T-Tool black

Price €15.00
INDEPENDENT T-shirt “Truck...

INDEPENDENT T-shirt “Truck Co logo” black - white - camo

Price €32.00
INDEPENDENT “Cap Suds Beer”...

INDEPENDENT “Cap Suds Beer” trucker black white

Price €29.00
INDEPENDENT “Cap Truck Co...

INDEPENDENT “Cap Truck Co Mesh” trucker black/white - black/black

Price €29.00
INDEPENDENT Allen bolts...

INDEPENDENT Allen bolts hardware

Price €4.00
INDEPENDENT Trucks Stage 11...

INDEPENDENT Trucks Stage 11 polished raw standard 129mm, 139mm, 144mm, 149mm, 159mm, 169mm, 215mm

Price €37.00
INDEPENDENT Pivot Cups -...

INDEPENDENT Pivot Cups - Bushings replacement for 2 trucks

Price €3.00
INDEPENDENT x2 Riser pads...

INDEPENDENT x2 Riser pads hard - Shock pads soft

Price €5.00

Skate trucks Independent

Independent Trucks Company is a skateboard equipment specializing in the manufacture of trucks skate. This is one of the most famous brands in the world in this field. It was co-founded in 1978 by Fausto Vitello, and the first model (Stage 1 trucks) appeared on May 23 this year in Newark (California). The company is based in Santa Cruz, California. Independent axes are known to react very quickly and accurately the actions of the skater using it, ensuring stability and speed. They are distributed by NHS Distribution. Independent also has its line of clothing and accessories for the skateboarding. The original slogan of the company was F *** THEY'RE HOT! (P *** THEY ARE HOT!), Their most recent being the slogan TIME TO GRIND (Time grinder). The latest model of the company, Stage 9 was released in March 2003. It differs from other models in that it is made of 4140 Chrome and has the emblem of the company printed on the metal by its base. Its greatest feature is that all colors are limited editions. The Stage 9 trucks are considered very durable, as stated in the advertisement, in which we see an axis of this model still in good condition after 203,516 grinds! Even lighter and more efficient, improving the Stage 9: LOW Stage 9 was released on 9 September 2006. Finally, Stage 10 trucks was released in 2008. It takes the Stage 9 of the hanger and the base of Stage 8, undrilled. It is available in hanger 129 (low or mid) and 139 (low or mid), 149, 169 and 215 mm.

Skateboard team Independent Trucks Company

Steve Alba, Danny Way, Adam Alfaro, Brian Anderson, Kenny Anderson, Sammy Baca, Chet Childress, Randy Colvin, Dan Drehobl, Fred Gall, David Gravette, Andrew Reynolds, Jeff Grosso, Emmanuel Guzman, Chris Haslam, Omar Hassan, Peter Hewitt, Christian Hosoi, Rick Howard, Kevin Long, Ryan McWhirter, Lance Mountain, Darren Navarrette, Steve Nesser, Alex Olson, Steve Olson, Al Partanen, Geoff Rowley, Omar Salazar, Braydon Szafranski, Grant Taylor, Tosh Townend, Chris Troy, Tony Trujillo, Ryan Sheckler, Eric Koston.