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INDEPENDENT Allen bolts...

INDEPENDENT Allen bolts hardware for skateboard

Price €4.00
ELEMENT Skateboards black...

ELEMENT Skateboards black and white skate bolts Allen Hardware

Price €6.00
THUNDER Allen Bolts...

THUNDER Allen Bolts metallic green standard 1 inch

Price €5.00
THUNDER Short allen bolts...

THUNDER Short allen bolts hardware 7/8 inches

Price €5.00
YFS Allen bolts 1” for...

YFS Allen bolts 1” for skateboard

Price €3.00
SHAKE JUNT Allen bolts...

SHAKE JUNT Allen bolts green and yellow 0.875 inches

Price €8.00
MINI LOGO Bolts 1.25 inches

MINI LOGO Bolts 1.25 inches

Price €5.00


Hardwares to lock the trucks to a skateboard deck.

To complete the assembly of your skateboard, it is necessary to equip yourself with screws allowing you to attach the truck to the skate deck. We offer you hardware packs compatible with all our trucks and decks.


Be careful though when choosing the length, by default we recommend the 7/8 skate bolts (= 0.875 inches) which will adapt exactly to the thickness of the truck + board. If you want to raise the height of your truck, you will need to add pads and therefore take longer screws:

• 1 inch bolts for 0.1 inch pad.

• 1.25 inch bolts for 0.25 inch pad.

• 1.5 inch bolts for 0.5 inch pad.


For more comfort, opt for a colored skateboard hardware, it will allow you at a glance to differentiate the front (the nose) and the rear (the tail) of your skate significantly shorter than the nose. Finally, for the reliability of the tightening, it is preferable to choose the allen key system rather than the cruciform shape which is more fragile.