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SHAKE JUNT skateboard...

SHAKE JUNT skateboard bearings ABEC 7

Price €27.00
BRONSON Speed Co. G2...

BRONSON Speed Co. G2 Bearings + spacers + stickers

Price €25.00
BRONSON Speed Co. G3...

BRONSON Speed Co. G3 Bearings + Spacers + Axle washers

Price €37.00
SPITFIRE Classics ABEC5...

SPITFIRE Classics ABEC5 skate bearings

Price €20.00
BONES Speed Cream -...

BONES Speed Cream - Lubricant for skateboard bearings

Price €10.00
BONES Roulements de skate...

BONES Roulements de skate Bones Super Reds

Price €39.00
MINI LOGO Skate Bearings...

MINI LOGO Skate Bearings (set of 8)

Price €12.00
BONES Reds Skateboard bearings

BONES Reds Skateboard bearings

Price €22.00
SPITFIRE Burners ABEC 7...

SPITFIRE Burners ABEC 7 Skateboard bearings

Price €25.00
BONES 4 Pack Bearing...

BONES 4 Pack Bearing Spacers ø8x10mm for skateboard wheels

Price €3.00
BONES Skateboard bearings...

BONES Skateboard bearings Bones Swiss

Price €75.00
BONES Swiss Ceramic...

BONES Swiss Ceramic competition skate bearings

Price €210.00


How to choose the right bearings for your skateboard?

Looking for the best skateboard bearings? Solid, fast and good price: the complete guide!

The best known ball bearing standard is ABEC. An industry standard valid in all mechanisms, not just skateboard wheels. This standard indicates a number, for example ABEC 3. What does this mean? The ABEC number indicates the speed of the bearing as well as its strength: the larger the number, the faster it will be. But beware, the larger the number, the more fragile it will be! In general on the market we find ABEC 1, ABEC 3, ABEC 5, ABEC 7 and ABEC 11. For street use, we recommend the ABEC 5 because it is the best compromise between speed and strength. For ramp and bowl use we recommend the faster ABEC 7.


Are there stronger and faster skate bearings?

Yes! Specialty skate bearing brands have invented a new generation of bearings, with a standard called "Skate Rated". To put it simply: the faster it is, the stronger it is! And there it is much more interesting. Bones® and Bronson® only manufacture this type of bearing. The best seller being the Bones Reds (the G2 being its equivalent at Bronson). Based on this range with an average lifespan of one year, if you opt for the higher range the lifespan will be doubled.

Do not neglect the maintenance of your skate bearings: a good lubrication allows to maintain the performance of the bearing (solidity and optimum speed with Speed ​​Cream lubricant).


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