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JACKER skateboard “Team...

JACKER skateboard “Team Logo” skate board deck 8", 8.1", 8.25", 8.5 inches

Price €55.00

POWELL MINI LOGO “Fin Fur Feather 18 Leopard Fur” skateboard deck

Price €39.00
BLIND Skateboards "Reaper...

BLIND Skateboards "Reaper Character R7" Micky Papa 8 inches pro deck

Price €65.00
GIRL Skateboards “Future OG...

GIRL Skateboards “Future OG Bennett” pro skate deck 8.125" and 8.25 inches

Price €69.00
CLICHÉ "Paper RHM black"...

CLICHÉ "Paper RHM black" skate board deck 8 and 8.25 inches

Price €45.00
JART “Slide” HC skateboard...

JART “Slide” HC skateboard deck 8, 8.25 and 8.5 inches

Price €49.00
JART “Digital” LC...

JART “Digital” LC skateboard deck 7.75, 8 and 8.25 inches

Price €49.00
SANTA CRUZ “Screaming Hand”...

SANTA CRUZ “Screaming Hand” board red 8 inches

Price €75.00
JART “Renaissance II...

JART “Renaissance II Weedsuschrist” skateboard deck 8 inches

Price €49.00
JART “Renaissance II Santa...

JART “Renaissance II Santa Maria” skateboard deck 8.375 inches

Price €49.00

POWELL MINI LOGO deck “Chevron Detonator” dyed wood

Price €35.00
CLICHÉ “Banco RHM”...

CLICHÉ “Banco RHM” skateboard deck

Price €45.00
TOY MACHINE “Deck Monster”...

TOY MACHINE “Deck Monster” skate decks 8.0, 8.13, 8.25, 8.38, 8.5 inches

Price €79.00
CREATURE “Stumps”...

CREATURE “Stumps” skateboard deck

Price €75.00
RIPNDIP Skateboards “Lord...

RIPNDIP Skateboards “Lord Nermal” skate board deck

Price €75.00

POWELL PERALTA “Vato Rats” skate deck

Price €45.00
CLICHÉ Handwritten RHM...

CLICHÉ Handwritten RHM skateboard deck

Price €45.00
SANTA CRUZ Board Screaming...

SANTA CRUZ Board Screaming Hand taper tip blue white deck

Price €70.00
BAKER Skateboards brand...

BAKER Skateboards brand logo deck red black white 8, 8.1 and 8.25 inches

Price €89.00
MAGENTA "Wood Plant Team...

MAGENTA "Wood Plant Team Board" skateboard deck

Price €65.00

Skateboard decks

Buy my skateboard deck online

Our website allows you to buy your skateboard deck online at the lowest price among the biggest American or European skate brands.


Made from Canadian maple wood, they offer you superior quality to succeed in your tricks. Several shapes of street skateboards are on sale, from flat to high concave to mid concave. The available skateboard deck sizes are in inches: 7.75'', 8'', 8.125'', 8.25'', 8.375'' and 8.5''. For any purchase of a skate deck, we offer you a standard Mob or Jessup grip and we paste it for free. If you prefer to mount your skate deck yourself, you must let us know in the comment field when ordering online.