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BONES Bushings for...

BONES Bushings for skateboard trucks soft, medium and hard

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Bones Wheels is a leader of skate wheels.

Founded in the 70s by George Powell (director of the iconic American firm Powell Corporation, located in Santa Barbara, California U.S.A.), Bones quickly became the benchmark by a legendary skateboard team established in 1979: Bones Brigade, formerly consisting of Steve Caballero, Franky Hill, Colin McKay, Steve Saiz et Tony Hawk. Now, the Bones Brigade has a groin 40 team riders who participated in the famous video Bones New Ground output in 2013.

Bones Skate Wheels

To meet increasingly skateboarders, Bones has developed six lines receiving several wheels according to the desired shapes practice, several wheel diameters (49mm to 62mm) and a specific urethane with different hardness 80A (very soft) to 104A (ultra hard, only the Bones brand arrives to obtain this density of skate wheels, while other brands reach the maximum Hardness 101A):

  • Bones STF (Street Tech Formula) ideal for technical figures in street.
  • Bones SPF (SkatePark Formula) designed for parks enjoying a smooth (concrete, metal or wood).
  • Bones ATF (All-Terrain Formula) comfort on uneven surfaces, typically used on a cruiser or a skateboard filmmaker wishing absorb vibration and reduce noise.
  • Bones DTF (Ditch Tech Formula) Rolling in Ditches (a ditch is a corridor drainage, consisting of both sides of ramps and a street gap at the center. Spot very common in the U.S.A., but very rare in Europe).
  • Bones 100's (classic skate wheels), a hardness equal to 100A and always consists of a completely smooth surface.
  • Bones Filmer Series exclusively dedicated to skateboarding filmers, very soft wheels to absorb shocks and noise. Large diameter: 52mm to 62mm to maintain speed.

Bones Hardcore Bushings for skateboard trucks

Bones also manufactures trucks gums best performing market. The Bones Hardcore Bushings have a conical shape to adjust precisely the tight turns and provide effective cushioning for sharp turns or hard landing to prevent the wheels touch the tray. They are also more robust than conventional bushings because they benefit from a nylon backing on each end of the gum. Available in Soft, Medium standard hardness or Hard depending on your skateboard preference.