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GIRL X VOLCOM “Bannerot”...
  • Novo

GIRL X VOLCOM “Bannerot” Tábuas de skate

Preço 70,00 €
GIRL Skateboards “93 Til...

GIRL Skateboards “93 Til WR38 D3 Infinity” tábuas pro Brophy 8.25 inches

Preço 68,00 €

Girl Skateboards Company

Girl Skateboards is a leading brand specializing in American skate pro equipment: boards and accessories for skateboarding. Girl Skateboards was founded in 1993 by Rick Howard, Spike Jonze, and Mike Carroll Megan Baltimore. When teenager Rick Howard Mike Carroll, the other young girls treaties (girl) because they had long hair. The Girl brand name was born from this childhood memory to support the skaters style with long hair!

Team de skate Girl Skateboards

Brian Anderson, Brandon Biebel, Mike Mo Capaldi, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Cory Kennedy, Eric Koston, Sean Malto, Guy Mariano, Rick McCrank, Alex Olson et Jeron Wilson.

Girl Skateboarding video

Girl / Chocolate Pretty Sweet
Girl Skateboards Yeah Right !

Pretty Sweet GIRL Skateboarding video

Pretty Sweet is the latest skate video GIRL Skateboards brand in collaboration with Chocolate Skateboards. Premiering was scheduled for 16 November 2012. Follow all the info about PrettySweet on our Twitter @playskateshop and using the tag #prettysweet!

Girl Skateboards shop

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