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Venture Trucks

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Venture Trucks is an American brand of trucks for skateboards. Venture is the hallmark of the best selling trucks in the United States and France. Venture Company produces authentic style trucks for several years at prices defying all competition. The logo is a Venture V and is always found printed on the hanger trucks. Venture is a leading brand of trucks by the quality of his gums and the strength of its trucks skate. Venture trucks produced several series: Pro trucks, Trucks and V5's authentic. Several hanger widths are also available: Venture 129 and Venture 139 mm and heights of several trucks: Venture trucks low, Venture trucks mid and  Venture trucks high. The basic models (without color) is called Venture Trucks Raw and color models are called Venture Trucks Color.

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Flo Mirtain, Boo Johnson, JB Gillet, Eli Reed, Keelan Dadd, Pat Duffy, Morgan Smith, Wade Desarmo, Rodrigo Tx, Ben Gore, Tim O'Connor, Stevie Williams, Corey Duffel, Dave Bachinsky, Ryan Gallant, Torey Pudwill, Bobby Puleo and Brandon Westgate.

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