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Jeans and pants / 47 products

There are several cuts of pants skate according to your style or morphology:
• Cut off (baggy): wide cut, generally appreciated by the hip-hop community or the generation of skateboarders "small wheels big pants!"
• Straight: classic cut, skate style for the traditional.
• Slim fitted: gives shape to the fine men and rock'n'roll silouhaites!
• Skinny: cut very fit, it's extreme slim.

You will find in our men jeans category and men pants several types of weaving:
velvet, denim or canvas for workwear side (work clothes).

And various methods of jeans washout:
Raw (without washout), Used (worn jeans), Stone washed (past jeans with pumice), Stone bleached (faded jeans with pumice and bleach) and Bleached (faded jeans with bleach).

Our skateboarding jeans and skate pants brands for men :
DC Shoes, Dickies, Element, Emerica, Enjoi, Matix, Volcom and Zoo York.